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Default Re: How Candy Dropped From the Sky Changed World History

Originally Posted by JIM3CH View Post
I have always had respect for David Frum for stepping into the fray at Bhtv with his wildly conservative views. As a Bush apologist, however, he is now really groping for straws donít you think?
Yes, you do have to give David Frum credit for being willing to play "away games" (I'm not thinking of bhTV so much as, say, Bill Maher's show). Also for assiduously not attempting to use volume, bluster, or sheer repetition of talking points as a substitute for persuasion. That said, what he said 30 seconds before the bit you linked to is what really floored me. Thank heavens there were at least a few people like David Frum in the White House in 2001-2003 giving this sort of wise counsel to the President (substituting "Saddam Hussein" for "Hugo Chavez," of course, and with Scott McClellan offering similarly sage advice on domestic affairs). What's that you say? That's not what they were saying back then? They were, in fact, saying essentially the exact opposite?


Well, better late than never. But only infinitesimally better.

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