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Default Re: Amanda isn't up to this website.

Well, in fairness to Amanda, I thought it was a decent enough diavlog up until the Social Security discussion (although she went badly off the rails from that point on). In fact, earlier in the diavlog Jane praised Amanda for, in essence, not being a hack. Ironic in light of the unfortunate last 15 minutes or so.

But before all that, Amanda said something that I think is really important, and that I rarely hear expressed on either the right or the left. In fact I wish Jane had followed the thread of what Amanda was saying more sincerely, rather than immediately try to use Amanda's words as a cudgel. That just caused Amanda to try to walk it back, but TOO LATE--NO BACKSIES! I agree that the government seems to function best when the Democrats are running things and the Republicans are a strong minority acting as a brake. Over the past seven years, Republicans have proven conclusively their theory that government simply does not work (when they run it), and in the past 15 months, the Democrats have not exactly done a bang-up job as the brake on the system (not that I'm drawing an equivalence, the former's sins of commission have been far, far worse that the latter's sins of omission).

What I'm about to say may be surprising since up until now I've been pretty much a down-the-line partisan Democrat in this forum, but I really hope the Republicans get as big a thumping as possible this November, but not because I'm itching to go off on the bully like Ralphy at end of A Christmas Story (well, OK maybe a little. OK maybe a lot, but not just for that reason). Rather, I really think the Republicans desperately need to regroup, and in a hammer-and-tongs way, not a "re-branding" way, and I think fastest way for that to happen is for them to get trounced so badly that they have essentially no hope of getting into power for an election cycle or two. That will allow them to go into drydock, make the necessary repairs without worrying at the same time about "floating the boat", purge themselves of the maniacs and mouth-breathers, and come back to take what I consider is their proper place in the system.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want gridlock either, particularly with the countless messes the Bush Administration is going to have saddled the country with. But I really would like to see a strong Republican minority exerting a certain amount of resistance. It's better for the Democratic party to have a proper sparring partner, and more importantly its better for the proper functioning of the government in general.

I'm sure that sounds condescending if you are a partisan Republican and you assume that I'm not saying this in good faith. I'm also aware that my prescription is more than a bit self-serving ("it really is for the best for all concerned if you get completely wiped out in the fall"). If the shoe were on the other foot (and it has been all too often), I wouldn't want your damn pity either. All I can say is that I'm being completely sincere.
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