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Default Re: Evolutionary Psychology

Originally Posted by Happy Hominid View Post
I'm thinking Bob Wright is loving the work Laurie and her people are doing. More evidence that we really have to question our own motives for just about everything, even when we think we have come to conclusions or decisions via rational thought.
It's interesting how much of this diavlog dovetails with the Will Wilkerson-Dan Ariely one a few weeks ago. I haven't read Predictably Irrational yet (bhTV investors take note: that diavlog led to at least one sale), but I'd be surprised if it didn't also make reference to the Brehm experiment or the boring task experiment (or to Dr. Santos's work, for that matter).

I'd really be interested in finding out whether these kinds of irrationalities arose in the ancestor to the monkey, ape, and hominid lines, or whether they arose independently as a result of the lines existing in more-or-less the same environment for virtually all of the time since splitting. Like many ev-psych questions, I suspect the answer awaits development of more advanced time travel technology.

Finally, as a primate I must say (somebody will say it eventually; might as well be me) that Dr. Santos is really, really attractive.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm craving a Coke or a Pepsi.
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