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Default Re: Values Added: Special Shame Edition

Originally Posted by Brn View Post
It is always good to see the attitude "I don't like X, therefore I will continue to believe every horrible thing about X that I hear, regardless of the evidence" out in the open. Please continue, because you are self-refuting.
The bad news is not an issue. If you don't like someone to begin with, you are not going to start liking them because of rumors of dirty conduct. ( an exception might be if the dirty conduct is something you approve of.)
One example might be Katrina. I really don't think W did that bad of a job. However, I was angry with W because of the war in Babylon. If someone wanted to trash him because of Katrina, I enjoyed it.
I have not liked Mr. Cain since his days in radio. I am not going to start liking him because I think the dog stories are not true. (For the record, I am neutral about the veracity of the dog stories. I also don't care.)
This story makes him look worse. I thought it was pretty cool to catch Mr. Cain telling a lie. I have since decided it would be tougher to catch him telling the truth.
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