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Default Re: Worldwise: Crisis in Syria (Elias Muhanna & Michael Young)

Originally Posted by apple View Post
Thank Jimmy Carter for the mullahcracy in Iran, and thank Bush and Obama for the future Islamic Republic of Egypt. The people of Egypt do not want freedom, they want religious despotism.

Assad may be a thug, but he's miles and miles better than 80% of the people in Syria.
Would have to agree that President Carter has a some responsibility for the ascension of the theocracy in Iran, the more pertinent question is could US have supported the tactics, now being used in Syria, by our ally the Shah of Iran. From what I remember that's what it would have likely taken.

As to the Islamic Republic of Egypt here is a somewhat different take on whats happening there politically; The Muslim Brotherhood’s Discontents (Michael J. Totten) His interviews are generally an interesting read and this one is with a couple of guys that recently quit the Brotherhood. A Mohammad Adel who used to work for the Brotherhood’s Web site and Abdul-Jalil al-Sharnouby who was the editor-in-chief of the Brotherhood’s Web site, Ikhwan Online.

Yes can't argue with the accuracy of the polling data from the Middle East where freedom to speak your mind is so ingrained now can we?
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