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Default Re: Mitt Romney Hit Piece

Originally Posted by look View Post
Yeah, I knew Fleischer was the author. My main point is that I think Newt has the best chance to beat Obama.
Why? I'm very confused about what Gingrich's value as a general election candidate is supposed to be. Other party actors whose help he will need all hate and distrust him, he's got a list of gaffes, flip-flops and scandals as long as my arm, and he's genuinely, intensely, unlikable. Beyond that, in a year where Obama will be blaming obstinate, hyper-partisan Republicans for preventing him from doing more to help the economy, why on earth would the R's want to nominate the guy that impeached Bill Clinton and shut down the government? I'm not saying that Romney's a dream candidate or anything, but I don't see what's supposed to make Newt strong in the general.
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