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Default Re: How a giant battery may save the world (osmium & irw)

Originally Posted by JonIrenicus View Post
Here is an old article from 1990 that seems to talk about some of the issues with zinc batteries.

I wonder what mentioned there has been solved, and what has not. I guess the dendrites are still a big issue, is that the only big hurdle left?
That's a pretty awesome article. You know, I work with a couple people from the Cairns lab, and there is a huge review paper on zinc batteries by Cairns and McLarnon that I used to learn my head from my ass when I started working on Zn batteries. I allude to it in the diavlog briefly, but I think a major shift in funding priorities effectively ended their research in the early 90s, and we are one of the first labs to pick up Zn batteries again after all those years. It's deep in the weeds, but our design is a flow battery that's a bit different than theirs. A friend of mine says if I want to ask Cairns any questions I can, but I'm holding off till I feel like I've taught myself as much as I can and made a couple advances myself. Dendrites are still the issue! But not a lot has been done since then. The world went lithium for 2 decades, seriously.

Cool! Thanks for the link.

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