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Re: gravity and water as energy storage: Yes people do it, but I think it is necessarily a large project. Dinorwig power station's wikipedia entry is an interesting read. I'll look around for more examples. I remember a friend of mine telling me about this being done recently, but I don't remember the location.
This IS cool and the use of the caverns inside the mountain to hide the workings is amazing...but it proved to validate my first feeling when I read Jeff's proposal...that it would take more energy to raise the water than it would produce by its lowering. Sure costs of such can be offset by time management but seems to still be a bit counter-productive to overall goals.

I guess the same can be said about batteries right??...if it takes 10 mw to store/charge 8 mw which it turn becomes 6mw of usable energy we only gain something if the energy was going to be lost or shed in the first place. Unless we are talking $$$ where 6mw during the day may be >= 10mw at off-peak. (My numbers are guesses...osmium might have some actual)
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