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Default Re: The Next Rare Earth Crisis

Originally Posted by Baltimoron View Post
After watching this report on rare earth extraction and processing for use in alternative energy technologies, I'm wondering if research isn't green enough. Are any of these rare earth elements a part of your research, Osmium?

Thank you for the diavlog.
Thanks everyone--I know this was a snoozer unless you *really* want to know about big batteries. Natural selection and the big bang are much more interesting, but this is rubber meeting the road kind of science.

Baltimoron, I don't use any rare earths, but other odd elements do come up in my work. I used to use osmium (obvs) which is a tightly regulated "middle of the periodic table" element, although not technically a rare earth. These materials are useful, so the way I see, the mining and recycling operations have to be made cleaner over time. And once we can "tag" everything made, it'll be easier to recycle things like rare earth elements with no hassle to the general public.
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