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Default Re: Science Saturday: A History of the Science of Altruism (Oren Harman & Mark Borrello)

Originally Posted by whburgess View Post
Its unfair to imply that Prof. Borrello's habit comes from a desire to impress viewers with his intelligence. Its more likely the habit comes from the pleasure of intellectual intercourse. Something similar to the endearing habit of some people to repeat..'yes', 'yes', 'yes' during sexual intercourse. Cut an enthusiastic intellectual a break why don't you?
Fair enough on the attribution of motive, but the comment (however badly phrased) was in fact meant to help; I have to fight a similar habit, and I realized it was a problem my third year of teaching when it was lampooned by students in a Christmas party skit, to hilarious but mortifying effect. (My tendency to interrupt is a combination of enthusiasm and insecurity, which I wouldn't think uncommon in intellectuals.) Apologies for any offense given.
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