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Default Re: A good one

Originally Posted by David_PA View Post
Hmm ... read the posts before watching the diavlog and almost didn't watch it, they were so negative. I was pleasantly surprised. This is clearly among the better diavlogs. The rapport was good, there was a good amount of depth, no grandstanding, no demagoguing, no polemics, no unfounded ranting - and we got a decent amount of insight. Furthermore, the tone was pleasant - insight without fireworks and skewering, a nice change of pace from the sometimes-too-frequent jousting and off-target riposting. Or, put another way, more light and less heat. But ... no addrennies if you were needing a fix.
I've never watched an Althouse diavlog I enjoyed, and have very little respect for the woman, owing to her dishonesty and viciousness. But I would have to agree with your assessment above. Ann was actually pleasant in this diavlog. If she was always like this, I would like her. As someone else said, Steve's reasonableness may have bled over onto Ann's half of the screen. Ann actually was polite and friendly for a change.

Part of Ann's problem is that she gets angry if you disagree with her. She readily admits she's not qualified to comment in depth on most of the issues normally discussed on BHTV. And, where most people can encounter disagreement without getting angry, Ann cannot. If you just hint that George Bush might be imperfect, for example, she flashes red hot. If you actually challenge one of Ann's ideas, she goes nuclear. It's pretty ugly.

After several embarrassing outbursts in a row, an effort was apparently made to pair Ann only with people who agree with her about everything. This is what started the incredibly boring era of her diavlogs with David Lat, Annie Gottlieb, and Robin Givhan. Those diavlogs are all highly recommended as treatments for chronic insomnia. Or if you are considering suicide, but wavering, not really sure if you want to pull the trigger; put one of those on it will settle the question and you will soon be happily on your way to the next life.

Brendan is right when he points out that Ann rarely talks about anything of substance. What would be interesting would be an Althouse-Brooks diavlog about the legal issues surrounding the Bush administration.

But I don't think Ann would ever agree to that, and I have no idea why. She's obviously qualified, and she appears to be a major supporter of the extremist legal agenda of the Bush administration. But it's a subject she studiously avoids on her blog and BHTV.
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