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Default Re: The Faculty (Benjamin Ginsberg & Naomi Schaefer Riley)

Originally Posted by harkin View Post
I heard him saying something different..
Maybe when he complains about their meddling in his syllabus, but he doesn't just stop there. When he says that every third administrator should be fired, he basically is saying "You guys sod off. My faculty buddies and I can handle the hiring of security guards and the financing of the new library wing. Can't be that difficult... we are, after all, tenured."

Then when he says all administrators are dumb as rocks, and we refer back to the abnormally high educational attainment levels among that population... You know where this is going. I don't think Prof Ginsberg's "admins don't accomplish anything as far as I can see so they should all go hang" reasoning is a precedent he really wants to set.

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