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Default Re: UN Plaza: The Nuclear Menace

Daryl Kimballís description of the North Korea situation was not quite complete. The Clinton administration had agreed, rather stupidly, to provide North Korea with two light water reactors. This was already a non-starter. Never-the-less, Bush did little to help the situation. What little good has been done is probably to the credit of Secretary Rice.

Iran is entirely within their rights to continue with their enrichment program. Negotiation is the next step, but it must also include Israelís participation in good faith as well. Iran wonít give up itís legal rights to fuel cycle technology unless Israel does the same.

Why does Mark Goldberg keep implying that the NPT is in trouble? That is utter nonsense. Do two bad apples spoil the whole bunch? What about the other 143 member states who are living up to the terms of their safeguards agreements? The IAEA verifies worldwide compliance with safeguards agreements on an annual safeguards budget of about $130 million dollars per year, or about the cost of two fighter jets. Is that a bargain or not? Is Mark really ready to throw the whole thing away? NPT is alive and well, and largely because of NPT, so is the human race.

The India deal is a mess from the non-proliferation point of view. Chalk another one up for GW. The good news, which is not entirely irrelevant, is that it will help India to build nuclear plants rather than oil and coal. The bad news that it will help them to conserve their limited uranium resources for building more bombs. Unfortunately it will also discourage their domestic research into the Thorium fuel cycle, which could have yielded developments that could benefit the rest of the world's nuclear energy production in the years to come.

Anyway, it was an informative discussion. Thanks to both.
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