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Default LTTE NOT TERROrists THEY ARE Freedom-advocates, and Human Rights advocates


1. Get away with murder
2. Use of low-caste human shields
3. Extortion
4. Human rights violation
5. NGO manipulation
6. Credit-card scams
7. Banning of imported lube
8. Manipulating history
9. Being racist
10. Accusing other people of their own crimes
11. Conveniently forgetting trivial facts such as history
12. Merging religion and race
13. Discriminating low-caste human beings
14. Marrying white women while claiming their allegiance to the superior Tamil race,
15. Damaging the propagation of their own race and violating marriage principles by engaging in homosexual activity
16. Tricking inferior Tamils (Hindus) into believing that Thalaivarists are their Sole Representatives® and
Many other activities on a global scale that they miraculously carry out without garnering the attention of silly organizations such as the UN.
17. Media-Freedom-advocates, and Human Rights advocates
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