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Default Re: On TV's political coverage

However arcane it may be, to a subset of the US population no doubt including some influential members, it would emote the same as "Hitler Youth", which you have to admit is every bit as offensive as the deutsch Hitler Jungend. It is also inflammatory in a meta sense because those with Turkish sentiments are offended by anyone who is offended.

I am not Armenian, nor am I particularly close to any. This issue received some prominence a few months back when congress passed a resolution (to Turkey’s displeasure) recognizing the Armenian genocide. I guess I just happened to hear about it.

As to the name, I just remain puzzled as to what benefit Cenk Uygur sees in it. I can’t help but believe that it provides nothing but a negative connotation. He, never-the-less, is able to attract quite a few mainstream politicians to his radio program; I can only assume that he would become even more well known if he adopted a name other than Young Turks, even if it were more conventional.

I suppose you are aware that he posts a lot on Huffpo. I do find him worth a read now and then.

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