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Default Re: Is India capable of defending itself ??

Originally Posted by DenvilleSteve View Post
from a Drudge link:

Interesting society is India. How has it defended itself in the past? Is it wrong to jump to the conclusion its people are lacking in martial abilities?

Is a Drudge Report really the most reliable source of information? You could do better watching the BBC website, or watch BBC World if it is broadcast on your local cable. Unless you live in the UK itself, then you cant watch BBC World, but in that case your questions are very very callous anyway.

Of course the Indians can defend themselves. They can be as martial as the next person, they can out-martial the American army, should they want to. All these military people get the same training and use the same weapons. It's like medicine, ironically, a truly global industry where everyone shares information.

But you would not want the Indian army to go on a rampage in a situation in which an unknown number of hostages is held at gunpoint, in a logistic nightmare that a hotel poses for a full attack. One could argue the opposite, namely that the Indians, in the end, used too much force and not enough cunning.
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