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Default Re: Glen's Pose on

Originally Posted by otto View Post
Glen's old pose - Easter Island style, sideways/from below the chin - was better.
Really? Hmm, he looked good that way, but I like to watch Glenn in any pose he would wish to strike in front of the camera. (Yes, alright, I like John too, don't get peeved. But Glenn is such an attractive man... oh dear. I actually live six time zones in the future, so not to worry, this is strictly a virtual infatuation.)

This was not the cathartic dialogue I had been anticipating. It had a certain resignation to it, as if both John and Glenn had already said and wrote everything there was to say about the Obama win in the days previous to taping.
They were opined-out, if you allow me this ugly neologism.

Maybe because the next two months of transition are going to be so sloppy and slow, they should get out and about for a bit and meet up again after January 20, 2009 to talk with renewed gusto about Obama and his administration. Me, as an onlooker, should take some of this same medicine, probably. And some of my esteemed co-commenters.
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