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Default Re: Santa Ana Winds Edition

I'm Obama's age, (actually he is two weeks younger, bless him), and I would like to put the Ayers discussion into some perspective.

Obama was seven or eight years old when Ayers was active as a Weatherman.
The bombing happened 40 years ago, folks. Not to condone the violence, or belittle it, but there is a statue of limitations (no pun intended) in place on even this kind of felony.

In any case, Obama had no part in the Weathermen. At the time, he did not even live in the US, but in Jakarta. He went to school and studied geography and long division. Well, I did back in Hilversum Netherlands at the time, so he must have as well. So stop making him into some kind of accomplice of Ayers actions.
Ayers obviously stopped the bombing and changed careers. He has not been throwing around any bombs anymore for some time. Maybe he repented, maybe not. I don't know.

This is not about Ayers. This should not be about Ayers. He is not running for president.
What was Obama supposed to do? Are you responsible for the past actions, going back thirty, forty years back, of the people you casually work with?
Is this a way to judge someone, who has in his policies and policy statements not shown himself to be that radical at all?
People are calling Obama a socialist. Trust me - I have been around socialists all my life - he ain't a socialist.

Why does this bother Mickey so much? Is this really the worst about Obama people can come up with?
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