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Default Re: Worldwise: The Struggle for Syria (Robert Wright & Michael Young)

Originally Posted by JonIrenicus View Post
Now for some, what is right is heavily tied into how the US is perceived. For my part I have alot less tolerance for that kind of idea. Once you start getting into the realm of kowtowing to the beliefs and wants of crazy/ruthless people, like truthers or birthers or fundamentalist butchers.. I just have alot less concern about upsetting them. That way is too value neutral for me. So I was glad to see someone push back against that a bit.
Honestly, I suspect that the causality is running the other way with myself and a lot of other more dovish folks. We think that various actions on the part of the US should make people view us poorly, and then we emphasize arguments about foreign perceptions of the US in order to argue against policies we dislike without relitigating whether or not those policies are good ones in and of themselves. The proof of this is that I doubt you'd be able to find an example of people like myself or Bob Wright arguing against a policy that we would otherwise support because of how it would be perceived abroad.
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