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Default Re: Education spending

Originally Posted by ledocs View Post

Yes, and we'll be back in Dickensian England. "Please, sir, can I have some more?" Sounds great. I have not read enough of you to know whether the above quotation is for real or not, so I am reluctant to say too much. I will say that if it's not tongue-in-cheek, it's frightening, and sickening, mainly because I hate to think of you, or your persona, becoming a spokesperson for intellectual culture. Do you really think you're up to it? What's the most intellectual thing you've ever done, just out of curiosity?
I value privacy so I prefer not to say. I do wish that you would stick to talking about ideas instead of fulminating moralism.

As far as I can tell, his comment wasn't tongue-in-cheek. And indeed, it is sickening. This is the new right, conceit and all.
This from BH's resident Chavez apologist.
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