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Default Re: Post-Post-Racial America (John McWhorter & Glenn Loury)

Originally Posted by Don Zeko View Post
"Discredited" is a description that one applies to a journalist and not to a public official or interest group, because a journalist is primarily a source of information in the public debate. When a journalist develops a history of providing information that is so false or misleading that it could not have been supplied by a reasonable and honest person, it becomes reasonable to immediately assume that the information that person supplies is not true. One wouldn't describe the NAACP or the White House as discredited in this case because they a) didn't publish the video, they only reacted to it and b) are evaluated on all sorts of other criteria than the ones involved in this case.
They hardly behaved responsibly, though, did they? They rushed to judgment. I find it more disconcerting that the White House would be so irresponsible, though the NAACP lost its standing a while ago.

Are you so sure of that? This incident hasn't had any obvious negative effect on Breitbart's standing in the Conservative media universe, his ability to drive media coverage, or his financial success, nor did the ACORN videos. Why isn't it at all reasonable to assume that he has learned that dishonest editing that conforms to the more conspiratorial attitudes of his audience is a winning strategy?
I don't see any reason why the ACORN videos would. There was very little defense of most of the people in the ACORN videos, and ACORN is a rather blatantly shady operation.

As for this, I don't think it will hurt his standing in the conservative sphere but then I don't think Rathergate hurt Rather's standing in the liberal sphere either. It impacted his mainstream career but not his ideological one (even though the two had been mixed for a long time).

Furthermore, though, remember the false quotes that were circulated when Rush Limbaugh was trying to acquire the Rams? I don't think anyone ever apologized for referencing them, and I don't think that anyone's career ever suffered for it.
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