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Default Re: Values Added: Sarah Palin and Pentecostalism (Sarah Posner & Anthea Butler)

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
I think you need parse what I've said, so far. I don't make direct political distinctions with regard to religion. I make distinctions based on whether I have a problem with particular beliefs and practices.

I do think that there are more loons among the Republicans, right now - but I think that's happenstance, because that party made a strategic decision that embracing a class of religious believers was in its interest. But that's not the same as what you're accusing me of.
It'd be interesting to see some stats on this but off by hand, I think that Pentecostals are hardly overwhelmingly republican. The Pentecostal churches in my city tend to be in poorer, urban areas. The Pentecostal movement seems to have a noteworthy presence in the Latino community, too:
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