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Default Eurotrash

Thinking about forking over some money, I most certainly would be happy to, if I could. But my few measly euro's would probably not keep the wolf off the back door. Short of winning a lottery, my pockets will remain empty for the foreseeable future.
More advertising is needed, I should think. Both pundits and punters are drawn from a cross section of Americans who like to read and think. Surely there are more readers out there, and more publishers, colleges, etc. Let's, as commenters, try to spread the word, so more folks tune in to watch.

As for the commenters: in every comment section, there is a group of regulars. Compared to most comment sections, BHTv's is a Socratic meeting. Our commenters are usually a kind-hearted bunch, but maybe some people should take a short break. Go gather some new ideas yourselves, take some snowy walks, and give the floor to some fresh faces.

As for Bob and Mickey, it's the Odd Couple all over again. Such joy!
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