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Default Re: New diavloggers we'd like to see

Originally Posted by Thus Spoke Elvis View Post
Thanks for the links. I now remember watching those and being rather dissatisfied, because Posner's entire argument in each is based on a pragmatic view that Bush broke the law, but it needed to be broken. That's a decent secondary argument, but it would be nice to have a conservative actually argue as to whether anything we've done actually breaks the law in the first place. I've read plenty who make that argument (in my opinion, convincingly with respect to some issues), and I'd like to hear them debate some of our liberal diavloggers on these issues.
Huh. I haven't come across anything that attempts to defend torture, except in the pragmatic sense that you attribute to Posner or by arguing that specific acts aren't really torture. So you're saying that there is a point of view out there that says torture is legal? (I do remember reading Dershowitz's argument that it should be.)
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