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Default Re: New diavloggers we'd like to see

Originally Posted by Thus Spoke Elvis View Post
Thanks! Volokh has been on bloggingheads once, and then to discuss constitutional issues relating to religion and the right to bear arms with Jack Balkin.

I'm more interesting in hearing the conservative legal perspective with respect to wartime issues. The diavloggers have been uniform in taking an anti-Administration position, but there is in fact another side to the debate.
I could swear that we've had a torture-related legal debate, with one of the two diavloggers taking what I'd call a conservative stance. Didn't know the guy beforehand, so his name isn't coming back to me ... oh, wait, Teh Google!

Ah, yes.

I don't know if you consider Eric Posner a conservative or not, but this diavlog with Jack Balkin seems to be what you're asking for. As I remember it, torture was one of the debate topics, and there were other war-related issues discussed, IIRC.

Posner has been on two other times, as well, another episode with Balkin and one with Heather Hurlbert.

Again, I am not saying the issues you're interested in have been settled. Just referring you to those diavlogs in case you missed them.
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