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Default Re: New diavloggers we'd like to see

Originally Posted by Thus Spoke Elvis View Post
2. John Derbyshire -- Old-style conservative columnist with interesting perspective on cultural issues. Would be a nice counterbalance to the almost uniform and unquestioning support for social tolerance and diversity among current diavloggers. Would surely provoke strong reaction from audience and fellow diavlog participant.
TSE, I don't read NRO, but the two items I've come across about Derbyshire are that he questioned the bravery of the massacred VA Tech students (quite soon after the event, to boot), and that Linda Chavez complained that he seems to find it amusing to call Mexicans Aztecs.

Would you mind linking to some pieces of his you especially liked?

I would love to see Hitchens on, too, but I wonder if he's too big-time for that. I just hope he wouldn't discuss religion.
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