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Default Re: New diavloggers we'd like to see

1. Daniel Dennett -- Noted philosopher and athiest, engaging speaker. Would be swell on an episode of Science Saturday or Free Will. Was once on Bob's Meaning of Life show.

2. John Derbyshire -- Old-style conservative columnist with interesting perspective on cultural issues. Would be a nice counterbalance to the almost uniform and unquestioning support for social tolerance and diversity among current diavloggers. Would surely provoke strong reaction from audience and fellow diavlog participant.

3. A conservative lawyer to discuss torture, terrorist surveillance, Geneva Conventions, etc. (Jack Goldsmith? David Rivkin?) -- The diavloggers who regularly discuss these issues come from the left/center-left (Balkin, Glenwald, Brookes), and it would be nice to hear the perspective of the other side.

4. Christopher Hitchens -- Always great viewing, preferably when paired with someone who disagrees with him.
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