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Default Re: New diavloggers we'd like to see

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
I'll vote for Dawkins or John Derbyshire arguing against ID. I'll defer to others to choose a sufficiently sophisticated representative for the other side.
That'd be fun, but Dawkins won't do it. Be nice to have Derb on -- a rightwinger that lefties would be cheering for. I have my doubts that there is such a thing as a sophisticated representative for the IDiots, but maybe we could find a sophistic one.

For that matter, how about another appearance of P. Z. Myers?
I'm all for that. Meantime, did you catch this? It's not a debate -- it's more along the lines of inviting a star preacher to give a guest sermon, and I was not impressed by the congregation, but PZ has a lot of interesting things to say.
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