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Default Re: Values Added: Refuted By Facts (Mark Kleiman & Harold Pollack)

There are several death case reports from France involving buprenorphine.

There were US death cases when IV buprenorphine was combined with IV benzodiazepines, the respiratory depression could not be reversed with naloxone and some lucky patients survived on the ventilator until the drugs wore off, the unlucky ones were discovered too late to do anything...

2/3 of my Suboxone patients are also chronic pain patients, with radiologic or objective medical evidence of pathology. I bill their insurance if they have it, I have a few "self pay", I monitor their urine every visit and have no guilt if I dismiss anybody that uses other narcotics or benzos. My patients are grateful and repeat how Suboxone saved their life.

One of the "National Experts" stated you only need 4 mg to treat any withdrawal, 8 mg takes care of most "cravings" and 12 mg saturates almost all receptors, most of the time anything above 12 mg goes "on sale".
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