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Default Re: Values Added: Refuted By Facts (Mark Kleiman & Harold Pollack)

Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
Yes, I agree.

I really don't know whether the $100 figure is weekly or monthly, but equally shameful. Those who seek those services have already figured that it is the same as going to a dealer, but they can do it in bright light. Similar to marijuana dispensaries in California. It sanitizes the addiction.
I know of a specific practitioner who charges $100 biweekly, so those figures are right in line with what I've observed. There's a requirement to attend a pro-forma "group session" with each visit and no pressure or even advisement - that I've witnessed - to taper the suboxone dosage. Dozens of people show up for each session, which are held three three or four days a week. Prescriptions are recommended to be filled at a pharmacy less than a mile from the worst drug corner in my city (at which there are thriving black markets for both suboxone and clonazepam [which is apparently always prescribed in tandem with the suboxone]) It's an ugly racket. I think it's slightly preferable to a methadone clinic, though.
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