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Default Re: Values Added: Refuted By Facts (Mark Kleiman & Harold Pollack)

One thing missing from the discussion is the "Why?".

Mr Stutman also shared with his audience another story; a Prep School senior described the sensation of using narcotics as "feeling embraced by his mother".

Not everybody feels that, most people that are exposed to opiates in the absence of pain get nauseated and even vomit.

One of the theories of the origin of morphine addiction in the USA was the Civil War and wounded soldiers that were given morphine kits to relieve pain, some caught in the opioid "rapture" and became addicted.

Most of the narcotic overdose deaths in the US are directly related to prescription narcotics, not illegal heroin contraband. More people will die from prescription narcotic overdoses than from accidents.

Some Physicians have not been adequately trained in the proper use of narcotics and have inadvertently made some patients addicts.

"48 hours" produced an episode that illustrates some of the dark aspects of improper narcotic prescription:

Some individuals will seek the narcotic embrace, they are afflicted with a true medical illness that can be treated safely with narcotic agonists or partial agonist/antagonists, only 25% of them can be completely weaned off all narcotics, unless their privileged livelihood ( Anesthesiologists, Commercial Pilots are the best examples) is in jeopardy. These individuals can be treated with monthly Vivitrol injections that block any opiates ( ), this is not for everyone, there is trial and error process.

Most of my patients were spending between $200-$1,000 a month on narcotics, many times, they were using narcotics just to prevent withdrawal sickness, the average maintenance dose of Suboxone is 12 mg, forty five doses retail cost around $7-$12 each dose, $315-$540 a month, add a routine office visit charge and the medical management is a cost effective and safe alternative. Methadone is a different story, I don't know the finances for that treatment.
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