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Default Re: Values Added: Refuted By Facts (Mark Kleiman & Harold Pollack)

Thanks for answered prayers!

I suspect time limitations prevented a more in-depth discussion of a combined criminal/social/medical issue.

Even though that is a website directed to Physicians, it has reliable information that will be of use for anyone interested.

One issue that was not addressed is the risk of death from a narcotic overdose in narcotic addicts.

I recently attended a presentation by a retired DEA agent from NY, Mr. Bob Stutman, he presented a most compelling story:

(photographs were used in the original event)

* My name is Holly Hennesy and I live in Palm Beach, Florida
* This is my son Jason when he graduated from Brown University in 2001
* This is my son's Harvard Law Degree in 2005
* This is my son's MBA from The University of Chicago in 2008
* This is my son Jason's drug of choice in 2009 (OxyContin)
* This is my son Jason in 2011 THANKS TO OXYCONTIN (holds up urn)

My bottom line is that addicts deserve a chance to get sober, your best friend, sibling, neighbor, child, relative, etc., etc... could be addicted and help is available.
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