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Default Re: Daniel likes hard work, too bad his party finds it passe.

Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
When I was 13, my next door neighbor hired me to scrape all the old paint off their two car garage and then repaint it.
I grew up on a farm but didn't get paid anything for it, except for free room and board (I started paying my folks room and board in the summer once I started college).

From age 12 onward, I bought my school clothes from summer work. There was a month every summer of raking blueberries and another of picking strawberries. It was all piecework (i.e., not by the hour by weight of what you picked) and I would make, on a good day 40 dollars a day picking strawberries and up to 100 raking blueberries (because it was piece work you would start as soon as the sun was up and go til about 6 in the evening, so a 11-12 hour day for blueberries. Shorter for strawberries because you did't pick in the high afternoon as the berries would dry out too much.

In college, I spent two years planting trees for 3 months a summer (again, piece work, and I could make about a thousand dollars a week, which paid the piece of college my scholarship didn't and if I was lucky allowed me to get some decent clothes. The end of tree planting season usually roughly coincided with beginning of blueberry season, so I still spent the last month of summer doing that.

I spent the other two college summers getting paid for general farm labor on a local farm and in that case, it WAS by the hour. After work on the farm, I spent the evening and sundays raking blueberries.

I had three part time jobs while in college (all four years I had all three jobs), one of which was manual labor and two which weren't: I was the building manager for a dorm, which involved a lot of the minor repairs that they didn't want to pay the non-student union guys to do, security guard, and a library stacker
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