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Originally Posted by look View Post
Heh. I've seen Schwartzman in a couple movies.

Haven't seen (or heard) of Damages. Yeah, you're right about discussing likes and dislikes of shows, etc. Some just hit one wrong. People rave about Grey's Anatomy, but I think it's super dumb.

Seen Breaking Bad? It stars the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle. It's pretty good, but after too long, I would be getting caught up in all these great stories. I heard The Wire is excellent, but I just don't want to get caught up in yet one more story. I'm maxed out from the 90's. Besides, one day, I want to get a super good show and watch, maybe, three episodes in a row till its all played. I have goals.

Breaking bad is awesome, give me great actors and writing and I'm in every time.
As for "goals", I have had fun when I discover something I missed, and can rent the DVDs and watch whole seasons in sequence, with no ads, and no week long delays between episodes. Probably my favorite was Six Feet Under. I think you might like Damages, and you can rent it on netflix. Journalists and politicos love The Wire, but it does demand your attention.
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