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Originally Posted by handle View Post
Besides, I find discussions on personal preferences regarding art and media sort of useless*, unless someone with similar tastes links me to something I haven't seen yet.

*e.g. "Boston? yer crazy man, they suck" or the classic Whatfur putting down the Cars because:
[cliche] "these guys only know three chords" [/cliche]
As the late great Ray used to say:
[wisdom] "but what does it sound like?" [/wisdom]
But what does he know? he's just the King of Soul.
I like hearing about what others like, and don't mind shared dislikes either (it can be a fun way to find you see eye to eye with someone you disagree with on other topics). I also like reading other people's lists of favorites or comments on lists of favorites (no way that's one of the top 10 albums of the '70s!), and I love discussing books (and feel much more comfortable doing that than trying to go beyond personal taste with music or art).

But, yeah, the types of comments you reference sound pretty useless.
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