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Default Re: from Loury & Wax

Originally Posted by Don Zeko View Post
It's to be taken literally, since Fox is responsible for the early cancellation of both Firefly and Arrested Development. And really, you must overcome your inertia and watch Arrested Development. The first two episodes of season 1 are a sublime beginning to the series, and they maintain that level of quality all the way to the show's cancellation at the end of the shortened 3rd season. Sadly, Season 1 isn't available on Hulu yet, but I'll still provide a link to help you out.
DZ, you have very good taste. Afternoon Delight is one of the best. I'd still recommend starting from the beginning though. I think a hundred years from now AD will represent the Bush years better than anything. Just think of all the themes: the real estate bubble, Iraq, plutocracy, idiot sons of successful fathers, and, um, incest. Lots of incest.

You can't blame FOX for canceling it though, it was a dead-last money-loser from the start. They were generous to keep on as long as they did.
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