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Default Re: Communitas: Continuing the Race Conversation (Glenn Loury & Amy Wax)

Look, operative, I said something about Dershowitz's characterization of Israel's constitutional documents. You did not respond to that. You went off on a tangent. Everyone knows, excepting you, that Israel's religious parties have a hugely disproportionate influence on its politics, and that also results from Israel's parliamentary form of government, from its "constitution." So in that crucial respect, Israel is nothing like Scandinavia, where religion plays almost no role in politics, to my knowledge.

When you brought up the Moe article, which you probably had not even read, you said to me something like, "If you knew anything about the conventions of social science..." Now you ask me, "Do you actually know anything about Israeli politics?" It depends entirely upon one's standards of knowledge, of course. I don't know that much, but I seem to know at least as much, or more than you.

You're right. I am not exhibiting much maturity, because you make me sick. You're a jerk and a phony. But you are henceforth on my IgnoreList. I have no way of controlling my temper here other than ceasing to read the garbage.

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