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Default Re: Potentially Non-Evil Human Beings (Katherine Mangu-Ward & Stephen Spruiell)

Originally Posted by stephanie View Post
I think part of the health care problem is that people in general think there have been problems, but they really don't see the costs all that directly, if they have Medicare/good employer-based health care.
In my simplistic way (per oceana) I have attempted to point this out numerous times. The whole system of cadillac employer benefit plans has distorted the market. Couple that with the fact that people have premiums taken before the pay check is issued and consumers pay before the realization of cost gets to the brain.

As a self employed person, I purchase a high deductible plan and question every test and procedure as to whether it is really necessary.

Another big cost of the system comes from government mandated types of coverage of which there is a lot in our brand new shiny health care system. But never mind, it's way too complicated for someone like me to understand. Simple economics just doesn't apply here.
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