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Default Re: Potentially Non-Evil Human Beings (Katherine Mangu-Ward & Stephen Spruiell)

Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
I have more teachers in my family than I can count, from my mother, two grandmothers, my sister, and a number of aunts and uncles. And in my life none of them has ever gone to Hawaii -- or any other luxurious destination -- for "teacher training." This is just more wingnut psychopathy designed to demonize one of the few elements of the working class not yet reduced to poverty.

It's amazing that so many Americans are willing to line up behind a platform of "cut special deals for the very wealthy while demonizing teachers." It's astonishing that this actually works.
I very much agree with your post. Of all people, taking issue with teachers seems to be a perfect example of applying the most bizarre priorities. How can we take seriously what this people say when on the same breath they demonize teachers and praise the Koch's purity of intentions?
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