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Default Re: Potentially Non-Evil Human Beings (Katherine Mangu-Ward & Stephen Spruiell)

Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
So they say that the Real Republicans were taken by surprise by the election of the crazy Tea Party candidates. But, who voted for the crazies? Weren't they Real Republicans? Let's assume they were an atypical but motivated minority, how about the rest of the Republican voters? Are they going to stay home on election day? Or will they vote for Democrats? Or for the crazies?

Then they talked about what cuts could be made to decrease the deficit. They said that there are many easy cuts, but they wouldn't amount to much, so they're not a solution. Then they sled past not extending tax cuts for the wealthiest, saying that the measure wouldn't significantly reduce the deficit. And there was no discussion of this point. However, for what I read elsewhere, this would be a significant measure to reduce the deficit. What's the story here?

In the last section they talked about the Koch brothers. Stephen was very sarcastic about the criticisms and insisted on how ideologically driven the brothers are without any personal financial interest and how evil it is to imply otherwise. Once again the question in my mind is whether Stephen is misguided and misinformed or misguiding and misinforming. How about a little bit more of a disclosure of how difficult is would be to say otherwise considering conflicts of interests?

Now who knows who these people are related to. About the looks, our eyes can tell.
I think it's naive to believe that 7% of the tax cut means all that much. If Obama really was concerned about the deficit he wouldn't have run it up and now he'd be talking about doing away with the tax cuts on all Americans.
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