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Default An honored Rathertired responds to Bob

As a fan of both sarcasm and willed ignorance I welcome Robert Wright's response to my humble rhetorical query asking how many libertarian puppets funded by right-wing billionaires are going to be featured on BHTV.

Bob: "A bunch."

Very nice! (To quote Homer Simpson: "It's funny because it's true!")

Alas, both Bob and Aryeh fail to address an even greater comic irony highlighted in the original post, i.e., that they're having multiple libertarians on as guests who get their paychecks, not from profit making enterprises functioning in the beloved free market, but rather from right-wing billionaire oil heirs, oddly enough, often from the Plains states. (Now there's a demographic that's been sadly silent: billionaire right-wing crazies living in the heartland on inherited oil money. Nice to know they're being empowered!) This is both oddly damning (shows just how dependent BHTV is on the libertarian stooges of big money) and rather amusing. Probably worth bringing up again just for the laughs. Not that "A bunch" wasn't good, mind you.

Okay, that was Bob's comedy! On now to the willed ignorance!

As others have pointed out, the problem isn't - as Bob claimed people were arguing - that these rightwing organizations are partially funding BHTV. It's that they provide the platform and livings for the people BHTV keeps coming back to again and again. Organized labor, for instance, isn't investing untold millions putting out faux newspapers a la 'The Washington Examiner' (a newspaper that even uber Conservative Matt Lewis can't find on sale - more comedy!), which then provides salaries and platforms for BHTV guests. Having their libertarian vassals come on BHTV is just another benefit they get for spending millions providing them with careers.

Again: the problem isn't that BHTV is actually being paid by the libertarian fronts of big money; the problem is that it's getting way, way too much of its content (the bloggers) from these sources.

(Considerably less than 1% of the U.S. population supports a policy of totally open borders, legal heroin and prostitution, no minimum wage, no income tax and little or no regulation, but just the other week BHTV had four libertarians on in a row. Four! And, yeah, that's before you even get to the financial crisis, which has left their childlike economic ideology in disgrace.)

It's noteworthy that Bob has chosen to act as if people were simply accusing BHTV of being on a payroll. But then such is the power of W.I.

(Hmmm . . . perhaps there's an evolutionary explanation for the role of willed ignorance in the otherwise very intelligent. Could make for a decent Saturday Science show!)

Finally, Bob quotes a friend - that's always brave, quoting an anonymous "friend" (and one with a dubious assertion no less!) - on how NPR has never said anything bad about sponsor Archer Daniels Midland.

Um, here's a link to part one of a two part 'This American Life' presenting a very unflattering unflattering story about Archer Daniels Midland. Put out by P.R.I. run on my local NPR station. An hour long program and, yeah, that's just part one.

Granted, it took me close to fifty seconds to Google an example of NPR saying something critical of Archer Daniels Midland so perhaps Bob's trusted "friend" should be forgiven.

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