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Default Re: Commenter Klatch: Come On By (Robert Wright & Aryeh Cohen-Wade)

Pretty much the only explanation you need for why libertarians are so prominent.

There's also a "shipping the good apples out" prediction here. Unfortunately, Bloggingheads is the minor leagues of political commentary. Any liberal who is qualified enough to diavlogue on this site is either over-qualified, and thus has has pressure to push them into the major leagues (skipping bheads entirely), or competitive pressure forced them out in the early stages because they're under-qualified for those higher institutions. The liberal's super-star media market mean they will never develop quality minor league players on the same scale as libertarians can.

When was the last time you saw a Ezra Klein here? Klein is a natural all-star. He got his couple years of college ball in before being drafted. In contrast young talent libertarians like McArdle, Sanchez, and Weigel still come back here.

Last point:
The stakes aren't as high for liberals to put their message forward and argue their policy position or ideological interpretation of news. The liberal interpretation is the default presumption. Having a debate at all is a secession of ground. Every fight for a libertarian is a struggle against irrelevance. The same is true for all minority positions, but only libertarianism has attracted those with the right mix of desperation, money, and talent to get their ideas out.

The real question is why are conservatives underrepresented on this site? A self-gratifying explanation would be that conservatives are just libertarians without a brain, but it's just talent distribution. Conservative pundits are much better at podcasting (or radio) than writing or TV, and if the pool of candidates for this site is bloggers, journalists, and TV correspondents, then you're going to be missing the talent.
Conservatives are terrible writers. I think it was Michael Savage who said, "I'm a Conservative, I'm not allowed to write fiction. Or read fiction for that matter."
To be a talented Conservative writer there has to be something subnormal about you. Maybe that's a statement about writing in general.

This also explains why Conservatives are deemed intellectually inferior amongst those who place a huge value on writing. If we weighted punditry on radio talent, Liberals would be wearing the dunce caps.

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