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Default Re: Kudos to Bob for setting the record straight on his hero, Ron Paul

Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
Another thing that happens is that liberals and progressives give Obama (or the Dem. in office; it was almost as bad with Bill Clinton) a virtual pass on whatever foreign policy he pursues.
Sorry for flogging a dead horse, wonderment, but giving a pass to Obama is precisely what YOU are doing by pledging to vote (even campaign) for him NO MATTER WHAT FOREIGN POLICY HE PURSUES.

As long as your vote is promised, unearned, to a candidate, your criticism of that candidate is entirely wasted. It's basic game theory: once you commit openly and unconditionally, your strategy loses all influence on any of the game's Nash equilibria. Note this does not mean your vote forfeits its relevance: it means that your criticism does.
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