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Default Re: Daniel likes hard work, too bad his party finds it passe.

Originally Posted by miceelf View Post
We've kind of had a poll of sorts about which of us are religious and not, and it hasn't broken in the way one might have expected. I am curious about whether other people here have done manual labour for pay, and if so, what kind and over what period of time.
elementary school janitor (when i was a 14 yr old poor kid, btw)
bucking hay
setting/re-setting irrigation pipe
Drywall hanging and finishing
Plastic injection molding
underground utility installations, laborer
Tree planter - piece work and hourly
wood working - making futons
Picking up rocks - paid by the ton
Wildcrafting (moss, salal, st john's wort, yerba santa)
wood working - making tables

ages 14-23, mixed with other jobs that were not as labor intensive such as making pizzas, washing dishes, working in a library, working at a call center and probably a few others.
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