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Default Re: Can we get a sports-related DV up in here?

Originally Posted by uncle ebeneezer View Post
I think the perfect fan arc is to go from 1.) completely ignorant to 2.) die-hard, knowledgeable fanatic to 3.) mature viewer who realizes it's really just a game. It's at 3.) where you get to enjoy the beauty and complexity of what's going on without giving yourself a heart attack every time the Sox/Yankees/Lakers/Cowboys etc., lose. You also minimize the likelihood of getting punched by all the drunken 2.)'s out there.
Heh, yes.

Incidentally how do you do the color text trick? I wanted to do that in our discussion of the evils of liberal purple.
Let your mouse hover over the link in the post where I linked back to this thread. Notice the &highlight=roger+angell bit in the URL. Note also, should you try this yourself, that the location within the URL is important -- &highlight=word or &highlight=word1+word2 or &highlight=word1+word2+word3, etc., must come right before the octothorpe (hash mark, number sign, pound sign, tic tac toe thingy).

(I discovered this, if you're curious, by noticing the URLs that get constructed when using the vBulletin search tools.)

[Added] A few others may be aware that there is another way to turn text red, but I am going to ask those in the know to refrain from posting this how-to, lest this forum take on even more of an appearance of a bloodbath than it sometimes already does.

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