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Default Re: Desolated Island

Originally Posted by graz View Post
Good timing on your part. From the Giants perspective, let alone a viewer --whether fair weather or fanatical follower-- the last five minutes mattered the most.

As to the performance, yeah, you can't expect much from an arena performance. Lip-synching issues as well as conveyance to the home viewer zap any intimate value. Flipping the bird isn't revolutionary. But neither is playing it safe and tidy. A cynic sees it as mere self promotion and a fan cheers the courage. MIA is the new Madonna in respect to appropriating her own image. I'm hardly phased by the music but I like the imagery. Check this out for fun (maybe not?):
Heh. I never liked Madonna much, and I suspect I won't like MIA either. So much dust in that video gave me a headache.
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