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Default Where is your side wrong?

We all fall somewhere along the ideological lines, at least if we have a position at all on certain issues. So I have a question for all of you, tell us where you think the side you have most in common with (i.e. liberals, conservatives, etc) have it wrong?

Before you start going off, I want to restrict this to areas where you think the other side has it more right, NOT the cases where your side is not strong enough on some issue.

Since I guess some people here consider me some arch conservative, I'll say where I think more liberally minded people have it right.

Gays in the military, gay marriage. I find the conservative arguments against these things pretty feckless.

The military arguments are the most inane, unit cohesion has been shown NOT to be an issue, the armed forces for the UK and Israel have gotten along just fine, so what argument is left? That US soldiers are more fragile and less able to cope?


I also think conservatives have it wrong when they focus on small government. Some government areas are big and SHOULD be big because it is something we want done that costs alot of money.

I think a better focus would be on limited government, allowing for large expenditures on things we think beneficial for society, but arguing against spending on EVERYTHING.

school lunch, art programs, wireless service, homeless housing. Arguing against an unlimited scope of government spending would seem a far more effective case to make than arguing against the size in certain areas.

I WANT government spending large sums of money on basic research, I want it spending ZERO on homeless apartments. Not its place.
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