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Default Re: The hesitancy heard around the world..

Originally Posted by CanWeGetSomeCommonSense View Post
Were you born here or did you jump the fence?

In my years of education and experience I have found that those who criticize this nation , and the states of this nation, are malcontents who have never even traveled outside of this country.
So, all the people who "jumped the fence" never have anything bad to say about the US? Sounds like you're recommending that in order to increase patriotic sentiment, then, we need more fence-jumpers.

Actually, it has been my experience that those who have never traveled outside of the US are the ones more likely to have a child-like devotion to it and are unable to admit of the possibility that maybe, just maybe, we and our government have been less than perfect at times.

You appear to be one of those people who places great stock in anecdotal evidence, so, fwiw: I was born in these United States and I have traveled outside of them about ten times.

The rest of your comment is overflowing with stupid -- and compared to what I've already quoted, that is really saying something -- so I'll just ignore it. Time to start doing what I should have done earlier: follow Jeff's recommendation.

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