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Default Yudkowsky = What a Gracious Host!


I've listened to and watched certainly hundreds of BHTV Diavlogs.

I've never heard a so-called host so consistently and obnoxiously arrogant, condescending, dismissive, self-centered, and brain-proud egotistical in any DV.

There are of course many kinds of intelligence. Yudkowsky clearly has given us a great example of a kind of fundamentalist dogma defending intelligence of his own and he is both ruthless and rabid in defending his own faith-based dogma.

And then there's social and emotional intelligence often massaged into a high degree of servicability through spiritual paths emphasizing selfless altruism without any concern for whether or not one might gain any rewards, either material or celestial, from its exercise.

Yudkowsky appears to have not a single trace of either social or emotional intelligence.

I would have to say that Yudkowsky has produced the best proof possible for the genuine utility of a life oriented towards non-dogmatic spirituality.


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