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Default Re: Bob Wright at The Atlantic

Originally Posted by uncle ebeneezer View Post
Aside from the moral imagination element, I still fail to see why Paul should be treated any differently than say, Pat Buchanan.
It's a sad freakin' world when it's considered ground breaking to see things from another culture's perspective. I don't think most on the right see this as an asset and not just something they are willing to overlook. But then again, if I put myself in their shoes (ala the great, intellectual, and noble thinker RP), it's great strategy towards ideologically distancing themselves from the Bush / neocon stigma.

Hey wait, is it still unamerican to criticize the president in a time of war? Just flashed back on some unpleasant history, sorry...
Snap back to reality, they didn't like Bush that much either... now.
"God is a metaphor for that which trancends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that." J. Campbell

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